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150 Township 5 Camillus NY

Deep Stop Staff


Jason has thousands of hours of dives logged and is excited to teach all levels of diving. A few of his course offerings include: Open Water, Rebreather, Technical Foundations, Tech, Ice Diving, FRTI, and Instructor Development. He is the founder of Deep Stop Scuba. Jason's most recent accomplishment - developing a new TDI course - Technical Foundation Development.

Jason Meany
Owner, SDI Course Director Trainer, TDI Instructor Trainer, FRTI Instructor Trainer, Hyperbaric Chamber Operator

Sean is a travel enthusiast and enjoys diving in CNY, as well as, anywhere in the world. He has worked as an instructor in Costa Rica and CNY. Sean continues to grow his course offerings, most recently to include the new exciting courses: Technical Foundation Development, and many first aid courses.

Sean Behrman
SDI, TDI, FRTI Instructor, Tri-Mix Blender, Regulator Service Technician

Jack is an experienced dive master, recently he decided to share his love of SCUBA through teaching. Jack brings experience, enthusiasm and plentiful knowledge to his courses.

Jack Guthrie
SDI Instructor

Clay has traveled extensively, diving at amazing locations around the world. He is an avid photographer, tech diver, and re-breather diver.

Clay Caldwell
SDI, FRTI Instructror, Tri-Mix Blender

Alex's expertise in our product lines and gas blending procedures is is delivered to our sales floor with her sunny personality. She is a certified research diver through SUNY ESF.

Alex Cormack
Advanced Gas Blender (tri-mix), Sales Specialist

As a dive master, James Pendergast is systematic and methodical, offering clear and concise explanation, which is reflected to his
approach to his diving.

Jim Pendergast
Dive Master

Nick Egloff brings enthusiasm and fun into his dive master style. Nick's passion and desire to help other enjoy the sport is evident in his approach.

Nick Egloff
Dive Master

One of the highlights of Pete's diving career was training under John Chatterton, one of the world’s most well-known wreck divers, author of Shadow Divers and host of the History Channel’s Deep Sea Detectives.

Pete Durdon
SDI/TDI, PADI Instructor

Shamus is a fun-loving character that specializes in customer relations. His sparky personality and deep understanding of people make him the perfect go to in any situation.

Shamus D. Meany
Nature Specialist

Sideshow Bob has limitless knowledge regarding the underwater environment. He often enjoys dining in while relaxing in his shell.

Sideshow Bob
Aquatic Environment Expert

Josh has had the opportunity to work with multiple dive shops on the eastern seaboard and has traveled extensively diving everywhere he goes.

Josh Cross
SDI/TDI, ERDI Instructor, Instructor Trainer

Frank has just completed his cross-over to SDI from another agency and we are excited to welcome him to our team.

Frank Vadala
SDI Instructor