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Trilobite Eezycut Pouch

Type: Wrist Pouch

Price:  $ 4.95 
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Type: Harness Pouch

Price:  $ 4.95 
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Type: Flexi Pouch

Price:  $ 4.95 
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Type: Bungee Pouch

Price:  $ 4.95 
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Flexi: The Shoulder/Flexi Pouch is designed for flexibility and greater accessibility options, wrapping easily around webbing, backpack straps etc. 3 1/2 inches in length, and made of 3mm neoprene. An excellent option for those who have preassembled equipment, and do not wish to go through the trouble of disassembling it. Provides a neat seal around any 2 – 2.5 inch wide webbing. The flexi pouch can be entered into from either side, which allows for greater ventilation. It can fit on either the shoulder or on the waist with little to no fuss.

The Harness Pouch is designed to slide onto any 2 to 2.5-inch wide webbing for a secure and comfortable fit. The tool fits inside the pouch with a very snug fit. The harness pouch is made of 100% nylon webbing. The harness pouch can also act as a wrist pouch for very large gauge straps, such as trimix computers.

Wrist: The Wrist Pouch is designed to fit comfortably around your gauge, up to 1.5 inches wide (4.25cm). This provides excellent accessibility in a whole range of potential situations. It is also ideal as a pouch option for those who anticipate much usage or for those on working projects. Please note that this is designed to be worn over neoprene, drysuits, and other garments. The pouch is not designed to be worn against the skin. The pouch can also be worn on any 1.5-inch wide utility belt. The pouch fits neatly against the wrist, and does not extrude.

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