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250 Chapel Dr Syracuse, NY

Truk Lagoon Dram of Diving Trip 3/16 - 3/26/2022

With scarce availability of seats in Truk Lagoon as a destination in 2022 due to the backlog caused by the COVID pandemic, we were very happy to be able to acquire an additional charter for those that could not make it to our other dates in the schedule. Jason Meany from A Dram of Diving will be joining us on that trip in March 2022 as a special guest.? ?

A Dram of Diving started when the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all. Originally it was just a few divers spinning ridiculous stories on the internet.

Today it has grown to have a huge dedicated audience and high-profile guests.? ? The show has created 39 episodes and has tackled many serious and some comical topics.

Host and special guest Jason Meany has been an Instructor and travel leader for over 10 years and owns Deep Stop Scuba in Syracuse, NY.? ?

Know Jason and want to join him and the Dram of Diving crew in #truklagoon next year?

Send us an email at for more information.