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150 Township 5 Camillus NY
Deep Stop Scuba Dive Club
The Most Active Dive Club in Central NY

Monthly Social Dive Club

The second Saturday of each month we all get together for a light breakfast and pick a place to dive. Following the dives everyone is invited to a social outing. It may be a local restaurant, a pot luck bar-b-que, a local pub, anything fun where we can decompress (pardon the pun). Once you participate in 3 Social Dives you get your Official Social Dive Mug. Fill it with what you wish, but it stays on the Social Dive Club Wall when not in use. Dates for Social Dives will be posted on our Facebook Page, our Exclusive Facebook Group, our Google Calendar and the Upstate NY Scuba Activities Group

Rewards Club
To say Thank You we have a few ways to save with us. Just shopping with us you will get periodic coupons. Also when you shop with us and reach $1000 in eligible purchases you will get a $10 coupon off $100 or more that must be used within 90 days.

Best of all when you get your Official Social Dive Club Mug you get extra discounts! Once you have reached this milestone you will have a Social Dive Day Discount! 15% Off eligible items purchased in shop that day. Plus we normally have a few deals for the soon to be Mug Recipients. 


Exclusive Facebook Group
Want to be the first to know whats happening? Want exclusive sales too good to advertise?
Join our Facebook Group!
The only catch is to be accepted you must complete a certification course that involves dives. It's the only way in to the group.
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